Act One: From Origins Unknown 

It all has begun as I have received an utmost large box from sender unknown. No name, no purpose, no clue. Automatically I thought “yeah, it has to be vinyl, weighs a ton” and handed over the package to my colleague who looked desperate to unwrap the surprise packet in the hope of finding some unusual pressings, again…

His eagerness turned to a startled look, followed by a calm sigh. It wasn’t vinyl. But film.

Yes, let’s work with film.


Act Two: Frames and Frames

The whole team - more than 20 men - has spent weeks examining the films I’ve hunted down since the memorable reception of the anonymous gift.

Some of the films were labeled, others were so very much of indie origin we could not even identify their genre.

We’ve literally examined miles of films frame by frame to curate the final scenes that were ready to become more than just art living in the past.


Act Three: The Cinematiq Eyewear Collection

Born in 2006 was just a beginning. As I write this, the technical team is developing methods to forever preserve these delicate media morsels from the past.  

It’s 2018 now, we could not wait longer: Cinematiq is back and better than ever.


See it for yourselves …