The Material - Shogun's Shadow

The Material - Shogun's Shadow

Cinematiq repurposes stills from the 1989 release of "Shôgun Iemitsu no ranshin - Gekitotsu". 

Details of the copper mine explosion on 16mm film can be seen in the temples of this Havannah Marius.

In the Shogun's Shadow Iemitsu, Tokugawa Shogun III, hates his eldest son Takechiyo. He orders Takechiyo to an initiation rite in Yedo.

cinematiq upcycles in the shogun's shadow

Takechiyo lives far away under the surveillance of Hotta Masamori. Hotta suspects treachery, but he can not ignore the direct command of the Shogun.



Hey, @karady_thomas, thanks for you comment! We’re on it! Some models of the collection will actually be available from February in Austin, TX! Here, for example: But you can check our Stockists site, we’re adding more and more stores daily..

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I saw this movie!!! it is a great Edo period piece. very authentic. Please make sure you have them in Austin!!!

karady thomas

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